What is that BOOM in my Attic?!

By Joey

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Got “BOOMs” in your Attic?

Have you ever wondered what those large “BOOM” noises are in the attic? You may have asked a local general contractor, builder, or friend who said it is, “no big deal” or “just a settling of the home”.  However, from a company who has spent decades learning and understanding the science behind the building, we would say, “the loud booming and cracking sounds could be a signal of issues that are actually quite detrimental to the performance of the home, lumber could be moving”.



What’s making that sound in my attic?

Your attic has many types of materials & lumber which all respond differently to factors such as temperature. Plywood or OSB, for example, is made from several layers of veneer held together by glue. During periods of drastic temperature differences (40-50 degrees F difference) between the attic and exterior, expansion and contraction between the different layers of veneer (or within OSB) occurs. What do you think happens to the wood when this takes place? Here’s a hint, we have all experienced this at one point or another….

Yes, the wood literally becomes unglued!

A similar effect occurs with structural members in the attic such as beams and rafters. Again, large temperature differences between the attic and exterior can cause the beams and rafters to have movement. When one structural element moves, it may NOT match the movement of other elements near it. This is a problem because the intended load bearing properties and capacity have actually changed.

In short, those loud booms are from the physical movement of attic materials when warm air from the living space meets the cold structural members in the unconditioned living space. This issue can be fixed with the correct bypass sealing, ventilation, and insulation. Properly fixing the issue will preserve the structural elements of your home, but also conserve energy and cut down on your utility bills. With the quickly decreasing temperature into the single digits this week, now is the time to get your attic checked out with our thermal imaging process.  Let us find your heat loss and seal your problems! Call Juno Construction for a free attic inspection today.



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