Tax Return = Dream Deck

By Ben Golden

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It’s tax return season, you know what that means! Time to start thinking about some of those projects that have been on hold. If you are planning on entertaining this summer, perhaps a new deck is just what you need.



There are many elements to take into account when planning to build a deck. First, consider why you want to build a deck? Remember, this is an addition to your home and should increase the value, so it’s important to take the time to determine your needs. Is it for entertaining, dining, pool/spa surround, or privacy? All of these considerations will ultimately affect the direction of your project.

Once you know the deck’s overall purpose you may start considering other components such as: location, design, functionality, materials, grading, foundation, waterproofing, staining, and the list goes on. We understand building a deck can be daunting. Juno Construction has the experience to guide you step-by-step through the process ensuring you select the best options for your needs and budget.

Our team has built thousands of decks saving our customers hundreds of hours of research by sharing our industry knowledge. Our end goal is to add a structure that meets your functional needs but also adds value to your home while withstanding the test of time.

While it’s tough to visualize with all of our April snow, a new dream deck can display your summer flowers! If a deck addition is on your list, call Juno Construction today and start planning!

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