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We offer a wide range of materials to fit the look and style of your home. From asphalt and wood shingles/shakes to metal roofs, clay and slate tiles, let us guide you in finding the right design for your home!

Top-quality Craftsmanship

Juno Construction takes pride in our craft. Whether you need a leaking roof fixed or a complete roof replacement, we bring the utmost care and attention to detail possible to every project.

Driven By Manufacturer Specs

No matter what material you use on your roof, if it’s installation differs from the manufacturer’s instructions, it won’t last. At Juno Construction we follow manufacturer specifications to the letter. So you can be sure the job is done right.

Future Safe

Each one of our projects is professionally managed and we only use the best crews in the Twin Cities. With Juno Construction, you can be sure your project is built to last.

"Exceptionally helpful, prompt and did great work"

Over the last 40 years, Juno Construction has developed the best crews in the region.

No more worrying about contractors cutting corners, rushing to completion, and ignoring manufacturer specs; at no extra charge to you, we hire an engineering consulting firm (depending on project scope) to help manage our projects. That means that you can rest assured that our work is done correctly the first time! It’s a win-win for all parties.

Old World Craft Built to Last!

Our crews are dedicated and passionate about their craft and strive for excellence. Many of our jobs are monitored and/or supervised by an engineering consulting firm at no extra cost to our clients. Juno Construction is devoted to the promise of building performance!

The construction promise of success is all about:

-Who you hire
-Who does the work
-What kind of supervision there is on each job

Let us partner with you on your next project!

We ourselves apart from the competition by using the region’s most seasoned crews whose top-quality workmanship combines modern technology with Old World Craft Built to Last!

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