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The First Step for a Safe Roof

Ice dams cannot form without snow. It is the continuous cycle of snow melting on the roof and then freezing on the eaves which starts to create ice build-up.

The First Step For A Safe Roof

Removing roof snow keeps your home safe.

Removing snow keeps your home safe from ice dams.

When the ice mound gets large enough, water can start to get trapped behind it and work its way into your home. Juno Construction recommends keeping your roof free of snow to prevent any potential water damage from leaks or shingle/ gutter damage from the ice dam itself. 

Don’t wait!

If you have an existing ice dam, do NOT wait to get that snow off of your roof. Remember, when snow melts, your home is very vulnerable to leaks. Sometimes these leaks don’t appear right away and are actually causing damage that goes unseen. Concerns of both mold and degradation of building materials should spur you to take action. Juno Construction has diligently trained professionals who know how to take the proper precautions when removing snow and ice. Our snow and ice removal methods are roof-friendly to prevent any damage from occurring. We avoid disastrous tactics like “steaming” which can cause damage to the roof and drainage & foundation issues from large quantities of water near the base of the home.

Roof Snow Removal FAQ

You bet they can. The continuous ice build-up can damage your shingle, roof
deck, and gutters. On top of this, water can actually start to seep into the walls,
ceilings, and insulation causing mold, rot, and other forms of water damage.

Contrary to popular belief, ice dams are actually caused because of a failing attic
system aka heat loss in the attic. A healthy attic is made up of 3 collaborative
components: insulation, ventilation, and bypass systems. If these three components
are not installed correctly, the attic will fail, and heat/ moisture can begin to break
down the attic. The ice dams itself is simply a symptom of an unhealthy attic.

The answer is…sometimes. Small icicles are not a problem. However, large icicles
(about the size of a soup can) can indicate that you have heat loss in the attic. If these
icicles are large enough they can turn into ice dams and cause leaks. It’s better to be
safe and have your attic checked out by professionals, such as Juno Construction.

Ice dams will never fully be eliminated. We can eliminate heat loss in the attic which
is huge. This prevents the roof deck from heating up and melting the snow. However,
sunlight will always persist and melt snow which can still freeze on the roof eaves.
Ultimately, the ice build-up will be drastically less and typically is harmless, but we have to acknowledge the natural melt-thaw cycle which occurs.

“I have peace of mind about the quality of their work”

“Juno did an excellent job. Most importantly, I have peace of mind about the quality of their work – everything was done well, and meticulously. They were easy to work with, and always followed through on commitments. Also, Juno was great at coordinating and working with other contractors, including insulators, painters and carpenters. I would highly recommend Juno; I have nothing but good things to say about them. They’re a reliable, trustworthy company that does high-quality work” 

-Lauri K.

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