Roof It Once… Not Twice

By Joey

Have you heard of replacing a roof only to find out a few years later that the attic lacks proper insulation? Not only is this situation costly, but the life expectancy of the newly installed roof may be in jeopardy. We know how frustrating this can be for an unsuspecting homeowner. Juno Construction has answers to these issues and others.
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What to do before replacing your roof

Ideally, before a roof is replaced, both an attic and roof inspection should be performed at the same time. Simply installing a new roof will prevent leaks from damaging your home, but ultimately it is what is below the roof that preserves your shingles. When the attic system is not insulated properly and not functioning correctly, heat from the conditioned living space of the home is allowed to move into the attic where it meets cold air. This phenomenon causes the roof deck and shingles to expand and contract at different rates which can put wear and tear on building materials and ultimately harm roof components. By the time a homeowner realizes their insulation is lacking or not performing, some roof damage may have already been done.


roof it once - the roof


Call Juno Construction for a roof and attic inspection. Our thermal cameras and technology will help pinpoint heat loss and discuss a long-term solution. Sometimes it is best to execute installation of proper insulation to prevent further deterioration of roofing and building materials from occurring. The complexity of the project often times depends on the roof type of your home. We emphasize the importance of inspecting both the roof and attic simultaneously before moving forward with a roof replacement. Prevention is the best medication, but if that was not possible, arranging an attic inspection and installation plan is the best option for long-term roof and energy preservation.

At Juno Construction we make sure our customers know all of their options before beginning a roofing project. The longevity of your home is our number one concern. Call Juno Construction today for your attic inspection!

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