New Roof vs Repairs

By Conor

What do most people do when they notice a leak coming from their roof? Typically, they call on a professional roofer to assess damages and pinpoint the root cause of the leak. Sadly, homeowners are frequently given misinformation which can take a potentially simple solution and turn it into a big problem.
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What is an untraceable leak?

Have you heard that your home’s leak is “untraceable” or “leaking from so many areas that a new roof is essential”? If so, you need to question this conclusion. A few questions worth asking are “How old is your roof?” and “Did your contractor go into the attic?”



As an experienced contractor myself, there were years I was doing over 16 roofing repairs a day. Very rarely did I find a case that actually needed a new roof. Most of the time, roofing leaks were due to an installation failure called, reverse lap, the result of the installer’s lack of waterproofing. A professional contractor will be able to spot issues such as these right away and can give you an estimate for the simple roof repair typically running from $250-$2,000.00.

A roof younger than 20-25 years old seldom needs to be replaced. Don’t be fooled or scared into buying a new roof when all that may be necessary is a simple roof repair. For questions about your roof leak, contact Juno Construction today.

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