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We use damage-free practices to prevent your roof life from diminishing further.

Steam free methods

Our tactics are “steam-free” to avoid harmful side effects like shingle damage, drainage, and foundation issues from moisture intrusion.

Long term solution

Re-insulating your attic to ensure that 99% of your home’s heat is contained within the home.


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How Do Ice Dams Form?

The snow melts, and re-freezes on an overhang.

It’s not just about insulation

It’s about all attic components functioning together as a system to eliminate heat loss. 

Ice dams form when the snow on a roof melts and freezes on the eaves. This melt-freeze cycle will continue occurring and eventually, ice will start backing-up on the roof eaves and may cause damage to shingles, gutters, and potentially lead to severe water leaks in the home. So, how do we prevent these ice monsters from occurring in the first place? 

The answer is simple, eliminate heat loss in the attic. Yes, heat loss. Attacking the issue at its core is essential. Merely removing the ice dam, will not stop the problem from re-occurring, and puts your shingles and gutters at risk from harmful pickaxes and hammers used during the removal process.  

Your Long Term Solution

We put solutions together to create a healthy performing attic system.

Heat loss in the attic indicates that your attic system is failing somewhere. Three attic components need to be examined in this situation: insulation, ventilation and bypass systems. Juno Construction will perform a thorough attic inspection to determine which elements are failing, why they are failing, and how they can be fixed. 

Our first instinct is to look for openings that lead to the conditioned living space of the home (aka a bypass). Often heat from the home moves through these open bypasses directly into the attic where the roof deck becomes heated, snow starts melting, and ice dams are born. Next insulation and ventilation need to be examined. Is the right amount of air allowed into the attic? Does your insulation level meet code? Juno Construction’s experts have a trained eye that picks up on even the smallest detail. 

Once the inspection has been completed, our professionals will sit down with you and discuss our findings, the proper course of action, and budgeting. We are your resource for long-term ice dam eradication.

We don't add more moisture to your roof.

Ice Dam Removal FAQ

Ice dams are a build-up of ice on the eaves of sloped roofs and heated buildings
and result from melting snow (from heat loss in the attic) freezing on the roof

Ice dams form because of heat loss in the attic. Open attic bypasses can allow warm
air from the conditioned part of the home into the unconditioned attic space. This heat
will warm up the roof deck and melt any existing snow. When the melting snow reaches
the cold roof eave (overhang), it freezes. This will happen over and over again causing
the ice build-up to grow.

You bet they can. The continuous ice build-up can damage your shingle, roof
deck, and gutters. On top of this, water can actually start to seep into the walls,
ceilings, and insulation causing mold, rot, and other forms of water damage.

Contrary to popular belief, ice dams are actually caused because of a failing attic
system aka heat loss in the attic. A healthy attic is made up of 3 collaborative
components: insulation, ventilation, and bypass systems. If these three components
are not installed correctly, the attic will fail, and heat/ moisture can begin to break
down the attic. The ice dams itself is simply a symptom of an unhealthy attic.

Ice dams will never fully be eliminated. We can eliminate heat loss in the attic which
is huge. This prevents the roof deck from heating up and melting the snow. However,
sunlight will always persist and melt snow which can still freeze on the roof eaves.
Ultimately, the ice build-up will be drastically less and typically is harmless, but we have to acknowledge the natural melt-thaw cycle which occurs.

“I have peace of mind about the quality of their work”

“Juno did an excellent job. Most importantly, I have peace of mind about the quality of their work – everything was done well, and meticulously. They were easy to work with, and always followed through on commitments. Also, Juno was great at coordinating and working with other contractors, including insulators, painters and carpenters. I would highly recommend Juno; I have nothing but good things to say about them. They’re a reliable, trustworthy company that does high-quality work” 

-Lauri K.

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