Damage-Free Ice Dam Removal for Long-Term Home Health

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At Juno Construction, we’ll work with you to solve whatever problems your home may encounter this winter. Whether you want to destroy severe ice dams permanently or you’re looking to protect your roof and home from long-term damage, we’ll listen to your needs and provide research-based solutions that focus on building science, and overall home health. 

With years of experience installing functioning attic systems and preventing/eradicating ice dams, Juno Construction is here for you!

Ice Dam Services

Ice Dam Removal

Don’t ruin your roof using steam, hot water or other harmful methods that may cause long-lasting and damaging effects to your home. Instead, hire the experts at Juno Construction to carefully and effectively remove ice dams. Our hyper-accurate removal process will ensure that the health of your home isn’t compromised.

Roof Snow Removal

Snow removal is also a huge factor in preventing ices dams. When the sun and/or heat loss in the attic melts snow on a roof, it travels down the shingles and can freeze on the eaves of the home. This continuous melt-freeze process is what builds ice dams. Juno Construction can provide damage-free ice and snow removal services to prevent ice dams from building and eliminating risk of leaks.

Ice Dam Prevention

If you are having problems with ice dams, our number one recommendation is to book an attic inspection with Juno Construction. An inspection will allow us to pinpoint any existing issues such as heat loss from an under insulated attic. Once the problem is diagnosed, we can provide you with science-based solutions, estimates, and options to stop serious ice dams from occurring.

Multifamily Ice Dam Removal

No matter the size and scope of the problem, Juno Construction will tailor a solution to fit your multi-family complex. We have nearly half a century of experience working with landlords and homeowners associations which give us extra insight on how to manage large-scale projects efficiently.

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Providing Mother Nature allows, our projects are done on time and within the budget.

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