Ghost of Ice Dams of the Past

By Joey

Ice dams can bring on a real scare as you walk to your front door and slip. Don’t let those pretty icicles charm you! Minnesota fluctuating weather can create a frightening scenario of freezing and melting moisture on your roof! What are ice dam causes and how can they be remedied?
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What is an ice dam?

Ice dams are a common problem in the Midwest, especially in Minnesota and can cause some major damage to your home! This phenomenon is most commonly caused because of an inadequately insulated attic and haphazardly sealed bypasses from your conditioned living space (the portion that is heated or cooled) into your attic space.  This heat loss scenario creates an increase of moisture in the attic space and thus decreasing the life and stamina of your shingles, underlayment, trusses, plywood and other building members significantly.

The best way to stop ice dams permanently is to find the root of the issue which is commonly resolved with touch up insulation or total re-insulate along with properly sealed bypasses in and around the home, especially in the attic. A project to alleviate ice dams such as this typically does not take place in the winter.  With this being said, as a temporary fix, the existing ice dams should be removed if there are hazards around the home.


ghost of the ice dams image


For immediate removal, two approaches are common.  

Many contractors or ice dam removal services will use very sharp tools that can create holes in the roof and dent the roof metals. This method can certainly void the shingle warranty and decrease the life of your roof. The other common method is using excessive amounts of hot steam on the roof which can possibly harm shingles as well from the heat and water penetration under roofing materials. Gallons of water falling around your home’s foundation and freezing is sure to become your next headache!


ice dam image

It is important to choose an experienced contractor, such as Juno Construction for the critical removal of damaging ice and to discuss long-term solutions to your ice dam and heat loss problems. An investigative approach starts with calling Juno Construction who can execute thermal imaging tests which will easily identify areas of concern throughout the home. We will help you by removing your ice dams this winter and re-insulating and eradicate your ice dam issues in the spring/summer months. Call or email us for a free estimate and investigation!



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