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5 Most Likely Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

The roofing system may seem complex, but there are specific areas that consistently leak when they are not waterproofed correctly. Juno Construction is an expert when it comes to waterproofing and we know where to look when calls come in for leaky roofs.

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Vulnerable Area for Roof Leaks

A well-built roof is crucial to preserving shingles, extending the roof’s lifespan, and avoiding leaks. Hire a seasoned roofing team with diligent project management such as Juno Construction who implement key installation necessities to attain long-lasting properly functioning roofing systems. Let’s talk about roof leakage as we had a shocking discovery just last week on one of our customer’s homes!

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Asian beetle infestation

How To Prevent Asian Beetle Infestations

The recent nice weather has been a blessing, but it also has roused some unwanted pests who may have been hibernating in your home. Can you guess what we are talking about? Asian Beetles! They have awakened from their slumber to torment homeowners all over the Midwest. Several calls have come in from customers asking us what they can do about their serious Asian Beatle problem.

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Choosing Deck Materials!

So, you have pulled the plug and decided to build that deck you’ve been dreaming of. Congrats! Have you put any time into determining the right deck material for your needs? There are many options available but taking the time to decide what works best for your goals is important. Below we will run through the most common and adequate options.

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