About Juno Construction

About us

Our owner and general contractor, Judy (This is her volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity project) has a passion for building lasting relationships through delivering building performance and trust.

Any general contractor can sell a job but at Juno Construction we believe that what matters is having the most expert crews and the ultimate supervision. Let us partner with you on your next project!

Our crews follow and exceed building codes and manufacture specs. We supervise all steps of your project with the highest attention to detail, maybe most importantly, what you can’t see! It’s our commitment that your job will be done right the first time as our livelihood is built on referrals.

Juno Construction, your full-service building and property resource serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area.

Why Juno?

What sets us apart from other contractors?

Juno Construction is a woman-owned construction company who sets itself apart from our competition by using the region’s most seasoned crews whose top-quality workmanship combines modern technology with Old World Craft Built to Last! 

The construction promise of success is all about:

  1. Who you hire 
  2. Who does the work and 
  3. What kind of supervision there is on each job. 

Our crews are dedicated and passionate about their craft and strive for excellence. Many of our jobs are monitored and/or supervised by an engineering consulting firm at no extra cost to our clients. Juno Construction is devoted to the promise of building performance!